Corporates Sports – A New Mantra Of GenZ In Hyderabad

Now corporates in Hyderabad help its people to unwind themselves through sports.

Corporate employees take part in various sporting activities organized by local health reforming groups in Hyderabad.

We’ve often heard from our elders about how life was peaceful and slow-paced during their younger days and how they had ample time on hand to indulge in hobbies, sporting activities, and much more. However, things began to change as the decades went by and the millennium set in.

Today we have Gen Z which swears by multi-tasking as they balance studies, jobs, careers, and whatnot. The result — an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, irregular food habits, lack of sleep, exercise, and sporting activity as they perennially race against time to reach deadlines.

The lifestyle of a corporate employee can be stressful as they slog for 10-12 hours a day.

Here is where many of the local health reforming groups step in to help corporate employees unwind through a host of sporting activities and chart out a healthy lifestyle. The recreational, cultural, and sports management groups have been organizing sports events such as cricket tourneys, cyclothons, marathons among others.

Devideen Nilesh Kumar Yadav, founder-director of Life’s a Pitch LLP, one of the similar groups, says, “The pandemic made people realize the importance of fitness and keeping ourselves healthy. Earlier, people had this notion about sports being a waste of time. However, things are changing now. Our aim is to promote sports in every household and encourage every individual to pick up a sport and dedicate at least an hour in their daily routine.”

Of late many corporate firms in Hyderabad are organizing sporting events for their employees for recreational purposes. The 49-year-old former baseball player said, “A decade ago there was hardly any sporting activity in the city. Now, we have marathons, running, and cycling events and there are about 10,000 cyclists in Hyderabad. We want to increase their participation and compete with cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.”

He says, “Corporate firms are coming forward to encouraging sports as it not only helps employees unwind but also keeps them fit and helps increase productivity at work.” Even doctors, chartered accountants, and other professional communities are taking up sports.

These groups are also planning to organize a Himalayan Cycling Expedition from Manali to Leh this August and a community cricket league. #SportsHyd #hydnews

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